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I was in Beta Club in high school, and yes, I was one of the dorky valedictorians keeping you from the cookouts after graduation ceremonies because I liked to write and give long-winded speeches about growing up, change and moving on. You’re welcome.

While I was in Beta Club, though, my now boyfriend (who wrote this story for the school’s website) talked me into running for secretary for the state’s Beta Club. I did, and I did pretty good and all until the second round of elections: question and answer.

Before the question and answer session, before standing on stage once more in front of thousands of people (we’re talking ALL Beta Clubs from the state of Tennessee here), those in charge let us look at each question to gather our thoughts and come up with an answer for each one. I had great answers for all of them… but one…

And that’s the one I drew out of the hat.
The question? “If you could ask the POTUS one question, what would it be?”

Naturally, plenty of controversial questions popped into my head. Questions like “Why are we in Iraq?” and “Why not help people in Africa instead?” or “Why don’t you do something about global warming?” immediately came to my mind, but of course I’m running for a state office and want votes, so I figured none of the above would be a safe option.

I opted for a safe, harmless question that ultimately cost me the election in an uncontroversial way: “What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?” My defense? I like knowing stupid stuff like that about people, because I like to connect with others. I’m a fun person.

I was (and still am) blonde. And a former cheerleader on top of that.
And my campaign was, “Red, White and Blonde/Expect more, elect Moore” with “Not just another dumb blonde,” printed on the front of each shirt. Fitting, no?

Whatever. I didn’t want the office anyway. Too much responsibility and stuffy-ness for my taste.

If I could go back and do it over again, I’d have better answers. Questions like, “How many lives will it take for you to pull out of Iraq completely?” “How do you plan on *helping to lower gas prices?” and “Do you realize how bad America looks in the global eye?” would be great choices, and by now most may agree with me on that.

So, I ask you, what would you ask the President of the United States? And why?

**Note:  Re-worded after reader comment.  Thanks!

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***Disclaimer: I in no way know EVERYTHING about the national debt, and what I do know is very little. So, while reading this, take it with a grain of salt. I’m basically ranting and trying to wrap my mind around such a huge sum of money. Thanks.***

First and foremost, I would like to thank President Bush for the lovely national debt estimated to be ALMOST 10 TRILLION DOLLARS by 2 a.m. this morning.

Oh, by the way, what did you do with all of that? Presidential campaigns? The Iraq War? Oh, and why are we over there again? Oh, yeah, to press our beliefs on them to maybe make their lives better because the American way is the best way, right? O.K. As long as we’re clear on that issue.

Oh, and how is that going to be PAID OFF? How do you PAY OFF TEN TRILLION DOLLARS??
Just wondering.

As if the average American citizen isn’t poor enough, as if we’re not already heading for a recession, as if a good portion of the population doesn’t depend on overpriced gas (and where to find the cheapest gas for a gallon), bread, milk, future rent, college education (but can you really put a price on education?), etc.

Nah, we, the American citizens, can pay it off. Don’t worry, George. We’ve got your back, because we have that much money to throw around.

Now, that I have that part out of the way, here are some stats to glare at:
If my source is right, every day $1.59 million has been added since September 2007.
That calculates to:

  • $66,250 an hour…
  • $1,104.16 a minute…
  • …and $18.40 a second.

According to a letter to the editor in Vanity Fair’s last issue regarding Bush’s $3.1 trillion budget, if a person gave another $100 million a day and told him or her to spend every penny until the entire $3 trillion was spent, it would take that person 82 years to spend all of that money. Now, let’s take it down to giving the lucky one $1 million a day. Then, it would take that person over eight thousand years to completely spend $3 trillion.

I have a hard time spending $200 a day, even when I can afford it (but given $100 million a day I’ll guarantee you I’ll find a way to spend it somehow.).

So, thank you President Bush, echoing Graydon Carter, editor of Vanity Fair, for leaving the Oval Office “much like a toddler would leave a dirty diaper.” At least you left one thing Americans cherish somewhat pristine and untouched, the Patriot Act aside: freedom of speech and press.

Thank you.

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Did you hear about the woman that stayed in the bathroom for so long her skin grew to the toilet seat?
No, really, here’s the link: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/23595533/

Can you say ridiculous?

Alright, so this isn’t exactly the most timely manner to write about this, I’m well aware. But come on, I’m a busy kid. Writing a blog on this subject isn’t exactly at the top of my to-do list… if I have one… I’ll have to check it…

Hopefully this isn’t too much for you guys, but the reason I’m writing on this particular subject is because I just returned from the loo after being in there at least an hour. Facebook made it bearable, but two years? Really?Sunrise in Florida

Think of all the things you would miss! All the sunsets, sunrises, long walks, movies, manicures, shopping, job experiences, education, basic hygiene, dates, weddings, births would be gone, ripped away by Father Time. And you can’t get back a second of your life, let alone two years of it.

Think back over the past two years of your life. What did you do? What did you accomplish? Who came in or left from your life? What changes happened? How many jobs did you go through? Cars did you wreck? Countries or other states you visited? Goals you met?

Two years is a lot of time. A lot of time to waste, but a lot of time to get busy living… or get busy dying. I’d rather live, if that’s OK. I’m pretty sure it is, unless God would rather take me, and that’d be fine too.

Thinking back over the past two years of my life, I realize that I’ve accomplished plenty of things not many do in two years time. For example, I finally visited New York City TWICE! That’s something I never dreamed of doing until after college! I saw Lance sing in Carnegie Hall, graduated from high school as one of five valedictorians… and gave a pretty awesome speech… became a Lady Vol on the novice rowing team (and quit a few months later), started writing for The Daily Beacon and Tennessee Journalist and from there my life has practically spawned out of control with opportunities I never dreamed of.

I never thought I would be working at the Knoxville News Sentinel so soon… and I’m only going to be a sophomore. Dang.

Two crazy years of my life proved to, so far, be the most fruitful, and I’m thankful for that. I wonder what she could’ve done with two years instead of sitting in the bathroom for so long… find a cure for cancer? Be the next Oprah? Who knows?

Take life, but not for granted. Use every second to your advantage, and don’t stay in the bathroom for two years without leaving or getting up once. It’s not attractive, and what will you get accomplished besides a few weeks of humiliating fame? A big hospital bill to remove the seat from your body. That’s what.

And for risk of sounding cheesy… Life is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present. 😉

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First year of college at UT closed out Friday when I walked out of McClung Museum and finished my last exam. I don’t care how I did on it. All that matters is it’s over, done, behind me. Now I can focus on more important things: work, internship opportunities, editorial production and paying rent.

It seems my life is actually maturing. This time last year I was sitting in Ms. Pointer’s classroom waiting for a noisy bunch of people to settle down so the class could actually get started. While sitting there, making small talk with people around me, my mind was somewhere else (Yes, sometimes I was that weird kid in the corner day-dreaming all the time, and no I was not strung out on acid).

I would be thinking about how to get out of there. How to “un-surround” myself from people who didn’t care about where they would end up, or knew they would stay in Wartburg the rest of their lives and so didn’t put forth the effort to better themselves. I would be thinking back to my summer at Governor’s School, how fun it was to be around people that actually cared about their futures, careers and education. We were all there for that same reason. We cared.

I would be thinking about where I would ultimately end up, possibly raising a family. Envisioning myself in Wartburg was not exactly easy, so I would move to New York City, Nashville or even downtown Knoxville. Any place with an urban feel to it would’ve been great.

I would be thinking about where I would be a year from now. Then I thought I would be back home, relaxing for the summer with Lance.

Now I’m up at 10:34 a.m. writing this blog in Brandon and Steph’s apartment after saying goodbyes to Bradley (who surprised us with a visit from Connecticut), Mom and Dad, and Lance. When I said my goodbyes to Bradley, it occurred that I may not see him again until Thanksgiving or Christmas and rather made me sad. When I said bye to Lance, it hit me in the face, hard, that I wouldn’t be relaxing at home this summer with him.

My break from what I knew as the norm had begun. I am an adult now, and my life turned upside down.

But don’t get me wrong. Great opportunities are coming out of this, I’m sure. I’m getting experience that I wouldn’t have gotten in Wartburg. I’m exposing myself to potential employers that told me if I don’t get it for the summer, then maybe in the fall when school starts back up. Normally, I wouldn’t be told that. Normally, for the summer, I would be told to vacuum the pool, do the dishes, get tan for once and I would be telling myself to work off that ice cream you just ate.

My life has turned upside down, but in a good way like a pineapple upside down cake (which I love by the way). I’m starting a new chapter once more, and hopefully it’ll be the one with the career opportunity of a lifetime. Or at least a step in that direction.

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