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You only live once

Love. Life.

Embrace it. Make it yours. Grab it. Love it.

Take nothing or no one for granted. We are all in this together; no need to hurt each other.

Everyone has feelings.

Watch the sunset and stay up for the sunrise. Each day is a fresh start, a fresh beginning.

Experience things you otherwise would never experience.

Fly. Fly to the moon and back and live to tell about it.

Eat slowly. Savor each bite. There are people in the world that would die for what you’ve been blessed with.

Travel. Go places you’ve always wanted to go. Truly.. live… and enjoy it.

Grasp opportunity and never let go.

Dream big, or don’t dream at all.

Make your dreams realities…

Judge no one. Deep down, we’re all the same.

We all hurt.

We all suffer.

We all cry.

Most of all… we all LIVE.

“You only live once…”

Make the most of it. God gave us all one chance to live… don’t screw it up. Make the most of it.

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